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If you would like to work with us by providing financial or material support to help make the trip a success and raise the profile of your brand, there are a number of sponsorship opportunities on offer!

  None of this adventures would be possible without  
  the amazing support from our Sponsors  
Are you a company? 
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In exchange for your support to help make the 'London to Japan in a Routemaster Bus' project a success,  with such a big bus we can offer you generous branding space  across the top deck of our red Routemaster bus - Beatrix, this will ensure you logo is seen where ever the bus is.

With international exposure in  around 23 different countries between London to Japan, and of course national coverage to in the UK when we travel the length of the country in the build up to our departure  All with this project comes a lot of Media and Press attention which will be an added bonus for your company. 

Sponsors logos will also be featured on all of our social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter, and on our website where there will be a sponsor profile to advertise our sponsors with more details.

Please email for more details, and we will ensure the project and you, our sponsors, will get the publicity and airtime we want.

What we can offer:

With a heritage stretching back to 1819 Backhouse Jones is the leading firm of solicitors which, since the introduction of the first transport act in 1930, has built an unrivalled reputation representing the haulage and passenger transport industries.

The company are regularly appointed to advise CPT, RHA, FTA, BAR and IRTE members and the 2014 Independent Chambers Guide describes the company as “fully focused on representing clients from the passenger and freight transport industries, covering the full range of legal needs” and “the premier firm dealing with road transport regulatory work with far and away the biggest market share of any firm in this field”.

By concentrating its expertise within just the road transport industry, Backhouse Jones provides an identifiably bespoke service completely tailored for logistics.   Being uniquely industry specific and fluent in road transport, clients will not have to start their consultation by explaining what a PG9 is or an OCRS. Backhouse Jones already has a thousand first-hand experiences of your requirements and through this clear and unequivocal strategy, provides Operators with a commercial advantage.


In alphabetical order

Backhouse Jones Soliciters

The Visa Machine

They are here to take the hassle out of getting travel visas. Whether for pleasure, business, study or any reason whatsoever, they'll take care of all the bureaucracy so you can sit back and think about something more interesting.

They started out specialising in the most complicated visas in the world, which made them experts at doing the sort of paperwork most organisations won't touch. They beavered away to create the most advanced visa processing technology in the world to make applying for visas as easy as possible.

All you need to do is choose the visas you want, follow the online instructions and send all your paperwork to us. Then your passport appears back on your doormat covered in all the right coloured stamps.

Printer and supplier of Traditional Destination and Route Number Blinds, manufacturer & supplier of vinyl lettering and signage for both current and preserved vehicles and also suppliers of all types of LED Destination Signs.




McKenna Brothers Limited

MBC - Neckers & Badges

MBC are delighted to be able to offer our support to London to Japan in a Routemaster Bus'. Production is well under way for their Event Woven badge which utilises our industry leading high definition weaving machines.

We always pride ourselves on being able to supply quality products to the Scout and Guide throughout Europe and across the rest of the world. Our range covers superb quality Woven and Embroidered badges, together with high quality 100% Cotton plain and Event neckers. Additionally our products extend to vast array of Enamel and Metal badges as well Woggles, Caps, Pennants together a huge selection of event specific merchandise.

So if you are interested in ordering just 10 Plain neckers for your group or 1000 bespoke neckers, woggles and badges for you next event, then MBC will supply quality products at the right price.

Our friendly sales staff are always on hand to offer assistance be it within business hours and some weekends and evenings, ensuring your order is effortless from start to finish.

Email: (always checked 7 days a week)


Tel.           01384 74500 (9 to 5, 5 days per week)

Fax.          01384 74130

The Non Standard Awards - Performance Direct

As well as standard motor insurance, Performance Direct caters for the drivers of what the industry calls 'non-standard' vehicles, catering for classic car insurance and motorcycle insurance, imported vehicle insurance, modified and high value vehicle insurance.

Performance Direct helps so-called non standard drivers too – this doesn't mean anything unusual; the self employed, drivers with points on their licence or individuals who use their car for work are all, in insurance terminology, 'non-standard' cases.

Through Performance Direct's work with classic, modified and prestige vehicle insurance, the company often identifies individuals with unusual motoring ideas and dreams. These include vehicle restoration projects, original road trips, record attempts, charity events and challenges. In many cases, however, these ideas remain untried, often because the individuals lack the basic finance to make their ideas happen.

That's why we invented the Non Standard Motoring Awards.

Whether you have dreams of driving from Lands End to John O'Groats in a converted bath, restoring a classic VW Camper Van or painting your car to look like the Sistine Chapel, if you need assistance to help realise your driving ambitions or slightly mad projects, then the Non-Standard Awards are for you!


Integra Signs supply a wide variety of products at affordable prices. Trading in the sign industry since 1993.

Our sign systems vary from low budget sign panels, through to bespoke structures designed to meet with your individual requirements and affordability.

Interior or exterior grades of digital print media to meet with your requirements.

Our design service offers an insight to how the final product will be viewed before production will commence.




Integra Signs Ltd