Matthew Hart

Having previously been heavily involved in volunteer organisations, organising events, from weekend camps and events for a small number of people to helping to organise taking 100 young people and 60 adults to Scotland for 2 weeks, is what Matt does best. He knows he can't do any of this on his own.  Looking after dedicated teams of people, making sure everything happens and everyone is happy is what Matt strives for.

Matt is currently putting his organisational skills to good use working in the Civil Service. Though through his degree in Special Effects (BA Hons) at the University of Hertfordshire, he has gained a wide range of skills that he has put to use in a variety of TV shows, adverts, music videos and films. These included Captain America© and Hugo 3D©. As the driving force behind this project, taking on the challenge of converting a bus into an expedition-ready motor home is nothing new to him.

1.    What are you looking forward to the most about this trip?

A)  The opportunity to explore the open road.

2.    What do you want to get out of this experience?

A) To do something out of the ordinary and giving my best to make sure we get to Japan.

3.    What are you going to miss the most while on the road?

A) At 6ft3, I think I’m going to miss a full size bed & not banging my head every time I stand up       inside!

4.    What challenges do you think you will encounter on the road?

A) Low structures over the road, and finding alternative routes around them.

5. What is your favourite colour?

A) Orange - there is two much red in my life!

6. What was your first car?

A) A 1988 Vauxhall Cavalier in Aubergine Purple

7. Is the fuel tank half empty or half full?

A) Half Full!

8. What home comfort do you want on the bus?

A) A comfy seat to fall asleep in at the end of the day