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When we Purchased her 
Our bus at  the moment

The interior of the bus will be converted to house the team for the duration of the expedition; all of this work will be carried out by the team, where between them they possess  the skills for the tasks ahead.

Upstairs we will have

Down stairs we will have

  From the meaning Voyager, Traveller  
 The Bus

Our faithful stead is called ‘Beatrix’  who is a 1964 Routemaster bus, surprisingly with the door at the front. She is otherwise known by the model type ‘RMF’. She Has had a long and varied life with over 6 previous owners, and we hope she will last for another 50 years.

She was originally built for out of London Service, with Northern General, in Newcastle, Where she wore the Fleet number ‘2101’ and the Number plate ‘RCN 701’. It wasn’t till 1980 that she was brought by London Transport and gained her Routemaster number ‘RMF2771’, and was then sold on to private use in 1981.

bus history1.pdf