James Treadwell

Ever since I was in the local hospitality with a group of friends back in 2007 chucking ideas around of what we want to do with life and eventually coming up with a road trip to Sweden. With that one being successful in the trip itself put in a way it was a hollow victory as such as we didn't stop to meet people and visit places that you would do. So I guess the thing that I as most looking forward to about the trip is getting to meet people and find out how they live their lives. As well as this have a great time with the team and the moment when I get home to my family to share my experiences. So in three words it's meet, learn and share.

1.    What are you going to miss the most while on the road?

A) Whilst on the trip although it's not a long one by some peoples expeditions but it's certainly longer than a weekend the people that I will miss the most will be my family. My worst worry about this would be for something to happen to one of them and not get back to see them.

2.    What challenges do you think you will encounter on the road?

A) Challenges on the road will start as soon as we leaving the starting gates right until we get back. My body will have to adapt to the different situations, climates and even getting ill possibly. Mechanical will always be at the fore front but with good daily maintenance we should be fine. Finally the challenge of friendship with those on the bus. 3 months living, eating, sleeping and other things in the size of a bungalow with not much space to get some alone time will be a challenge for all of us.

3. What is your favourite colour?

A) Blue

4. What is your dream car?

A) I already have it. She's called 'Doris the defender'

5. Is the fuel tank half empty or half full?

A) Ooooo hard question I'll say both but will have to use a dip stick!

6. What are you going to miss the most while on the road?

A) My family and friends

7. What is your greatest strength?

A)  I like to think that I can see the argument from both sides of the fence and have a good sense of humour

8. Will you be bringing a stuffed animal with you?

A) Rupert the bear who I've had since I was four